Good Health

Because you only live once

What could be better than making use of the most precious days of the year to take care of your most important quality? Your good health ...

Take a deep breath!

We aren't a specialist hotel for allergy sufferers, as all of our rooms have a lovely soft carpet to sooth your feet. But some allergy sufferers will still love our hotel: At an altitude of 1,900m the air is completely free of pollen in summer and in winter. Sneezing, tearful eyes and headaches will take a holiday as well!

Make the decision to take advantage of our fitness opportunities ...

Sport is fun here!

Our fitness trainer will get you moving during your holiday, with a thrilling activity programme including water gymnastics, Nordic walking, the "5 Tibetans" and much, much more.

You can of course do your training alone! Here is our good weather suggestion: go on a "tour of nature" and do something good for your life balance. The poor weather variation: a round of individual circuit training on modern Technogym equipment in our gym.