4*S hotel for lovers

Sulden ... the name derives from the word solitude. The mountain village in South Tyrol is perfect for holidays for two ...

No kitsch, only fantastic surroundings!

Who needs roses when they already see everything through rose-tinted glasses? Who needs frills and sequins when they only have eyes for one special person? We believe that people that are in love only need one thing: each other.

Which is why you won't find anything at our hotel that can distract you from your loved one.

The clear, untouched mountain world around Sulden will not push its way to the foreground, but allows you to play the leading role. Likewise, the rooms and suites at 4*S Hotel Post are not full of kitsch or cluttered, but are stylish and laid back, providing you with plenty of space and comfort for your well-being.

And our service? It is always attentive and unobtrusive - so that you can enjoy your time together at our hotel in South Tyrol without being disturbed!


It's up to you how you want to spend your time here together. We do have a couple of suggestions, such as an evening walk at sunset, a horse-drawn carriage ride in the snow or wellness for two.