Winter Hiking

Gentle steps in the snow

In Sulden you can get by on foot all year long, thanks to the numerous walking and hiking trails which are cleared of snow throughout the winter. This means that you can explore this winter wonderland without getting wet feet!

A hat and walking sticks ...

... you don't need anything else to keep fit in winter with Nordic walking. Something warm covering your ears, Nordic walking sticks in your hands and you are all set for a wonderful panoramic tour, which is also a great way to keep fit.

Our fitness trainer is sure to have a few more tips on how to improve your walking and breathing techniques. You can also join her on her morning exercise routine - find out more in our weekly activity programme.

Just Sulden and you

During a snow-shoe walk, Sulden certainly lives up to its name: "soltitude!"
Strap on your snow shoes and get exploring. With so much space you will feel completely alone, with only the sound of the snow crunching under your shoes to accompany you. And then: Enjoy the peace, the space and the untouched, snow-covered nature.