Away from it all

Sulden am Ortler

"... a small mountain village at the back of beyond, where farmers and bears used to eat from the same bowl, and where children rode wolves ..." That was the widespread depiction of Sulden in the 18th century. It was the unexplored Siberia of Tyrol.

Then the pioneers of mountaineering conquered the Ortler and discovering the wealth of Sulden and its breathtaking beauty.

Untouched not overrun

Despite an abundance of magnificent ski slopes and wonderful snow conditions in winter, despite charming alpine pastures and countless hiking opportunities in summer, the mountain village remains an insider's tip. Here, at the end of the Sulden valley, you will still find peace and isolation. Here you can still experience the charm of the pioneering times. And sometimes even a hint of Siberia!

Don't believe us? Come and see for yourselves: Today, Hotel Post is still the top address for a holiday in Sulden.